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Whitechapel Closure

So from Monday 18th January ‘Until late 2018(says the blurb) the ticket hall at Whitechapel is moving whilst preparation work for Crossrail take in place – including building a new step-free access, larger, ticket hall.

But, it actually closed Friday night and has been closed all this weekend, and it means that that’s the last chance you’ve had to see the up-and-down stairs and corridors that Whitechapel has, and when it opens again in over two year time it’s going to look a lot different to this…

Whitechapel Corridors

Whitechapel Corridors

In the meantime, the new entrance is further west, turn up Court Street, and it’s on Durward Street. Interestingly, we think this makes the walking time connection between Whitechapel and Bethnal Green on the Central line shorter than between Shoreditch High Street and Liverpool Street.  We’ve quite often changed trains between the Overground and Central line using this latter method, but now it looks like changing at Whitechapel will be quicker…

16 Jan 16

Battersea Power Station Station

There’s a new document on the TfL website today, talking about the Northern Line extension upon which work has started and if it all goes to plan will be complete and open by 2020.

There’s just one odd thing we’ve noticed .. and that’s the name of the two new stations. They’ve all been marked as Nine Elms and Battersea on previous mock-up maps, but now it seems as if someone’s taken the decision to call the latter ‘Battersea Power Station‘ instead. Which is great … were it not for the fact that it’s ridiculous.

Battersea Power Station itself will not longer exist by the same the station opens, so it’ll be named after something that isn’t there (even if historically it is still known), and everyone will just call what it should be called anyway, which is ‘Battersea‘.  Plus that fact that it’ll be the first tube station to have the word ‘station’ in the official names, and then you’ll be able to say in a sentence, “I’m getting the train to Battersea Power Station station”.

TfL have form for doing this though – why have a short name which fits better onto a small map, when three longer words will do instead?  We can’t have ‘Vicarage Road’ on the Met as everyone will call it – no, it’s going to be called ‘Watford Vicarage Road’ instead because we’re all too stupid to know that it’s in Watford.

So … Battersea tube opens in 2020. Please remember to call it that …

(Also if we’re being really picky, we suspect that the new Northern Line will be dug deeper than the existing Victoria Line, meaning that that here it should go under the Victoria line, not on top of it. But you know … that’s really picky).

Battersea Station Station

Battersea Station Station

23 Dec 15

Bank Upgrade

TfL announced today the go ahead for upgrading Bank station with work beginning next year in 2016. It may ‘only’ be the 4th busiest station in terms of passengers going through the gatelines, but it IS the Tube’s busiest station in terms of people going through the station as it is a major connection point.

Lifting straight from the press release, TfL are saying that “The £563m upgrade will increase the busy station’s capacity by 40 per cent, improving accessibility and reducing interchange times when it is completed in 2021. Now approved, the station becomes the latest in a series of major upgrades taking place across the Capital.”

And they’ve released a whole bunch of fancy images, the whole gallery of which you can can see on Flickr here. Now all we need is for the announcement that Camden Town has got the go ahead…

New Bank Station

New Bank Station

18 Dec 15

New entrance at Tottenham Court Road

As previewed in this video here, one of the new entrances at Tottenham Court Road station (complete with fancy artwork and stunning glass canopy) is now open as of this morning.

We’ve already updated our 3D map to reflect this change.  The rumours have it that Central line trains will also start stopping again officially as of Monday 7th December (but possible on the Sunday over the weekend too!)

Central Line 3D

Tottenham Court Road 3D

02 Dec 15

Finsbury Park Gateline

Whilst the BBC speculates that Night Tube may not happen altogether, we can bring you more exciting news – Finsbury Park station is finally getting a gateline!

It will therefore lose its tag of ‘busiest station on the network without ticket barriers’, but we bet it makes a difference to revenue figures.  The main entrance (pictured below) as well as the Wells Terrace and Seven Sisters Road entrance are all getting ticket barriers. They’ve been installed, but not switched on yet – but expect it to be during November.

Finsbury Park Gateline

Finsbury Park Gateline

05 Nov 15

Camden Town Upgrade

TfL published scaled down plans yesterday (previous ones had been rejected) for proposed station upgrade plans for Camden Town station.

With just two escalators (and the staircase, which is often used for entry to the station) it gets terribly overcrowded with people all too often.  More over on Ian Visists blog and the Londonist too.

Camden Town Upgrade

Camden Town Upgrade

13 Oct 15

New Moorgate

The blue hoardings that have been up on the platforms at Moorgate station for ages finally came down this week to reveal new staircases, and a new entrance to Moorgate station. The old ticket hall entrance on Moorfields with its gateline disappeared ages ago, but now as part of the Crossrail works, it’s completely gone and been replaced with something temporary as a new enlarged ticket hall for Crossrail and the Metropolitan Line platforms is built here.

Here’s a shot of the temporary steps that take you down, and lead down to the eastbound sub-surface platforms, there’s another temporary staircase across a footbridge down to the westbound platforms.   There’s also a new entrance/exit out onto Fore Street – something that suspect shall be retained when the new Crossrail ticket hall opens.  We’ll have an updated 3D map shortly …

New Moorgate

New Moorgate

11 Jun 15

Behind the scenes at Bond Street

Bond Street is having a major station upgrade with a new entrance, escalators, and lifts being installed – separate from the Crossrail works taking place.  Station Masters Geoff and Matt got to go down and have a look …

06 May 15

Victorian One Way

As the Victoria Station Upgrade works continue, the existing ticket hall still struggles to cope with the number of people coming through it – especially in the morning peak.  It’s now a regular sight to see members of staff at the top of the stairs guiding people into a one-way system that they have set up – which looks semi permanent and makes sure that it segregates people coming IN and OUT of the main gateline at Victoria.

Only three more years until the upgrade is complete …

One way Victoria

One way Victoria

07 Apr 15

Croxley Link go-ahead given

A TfL Press Release today announced some major news, that the Croxley Rail Link had been given final approval, and work will start later this year – 2015, but won’t open now until 2019.

Actually we thought approval had already been given, but the press release confirmed that:

  • An agreement had been reached between the DfT and HCC over funding of the scheme
  • Work due to commence by the end of this year
  • The extension will see Metropolitan line trains serving Watford Junction and Watford High Street stations, as well as two new stations on the route
  • The new rail link will provide Metropolitan line customers access to West Coast mainline National Rail services from Watford Junction station
Map of new extension

Map of new extension

Construction work to re-route and extend the Metropolitan line to Watford Junction is planned to start later this year.  The plan, which is part of a major investment designed to support the growth and regeneration in the area, includes creating new links to Watford General Hospital, Croxley Business Park and Cardiff Road Industrial Estate – increasing employment opportunities.

Two new stations will be created at Cassiobridge and Watford Vicarage Road, served by new walk-through air-conditioned trains every ten minutes to and from central London during peak hours. The existing Watford station will close following the opening of the new stations, and the first trains are expected to run on the extended line by 2019.

27 Mar 15