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Wi-Fi Map 2013

WiFi Map 2013

WiFi Map 2013

So there’s a new poster being displayed on the Underground at the moment, telling you there are now 121 Tube stations which have W-iFi.  Although we have counted (three times, just to be sure) ourselves, we made the total to be actually 122 stations that have got Wi-Fi, so TfL aren’t entirely being accurate.

So we thought we’d help clear up what stations do and don’t have, along with our Wi-Fi map which we’ve now updated.

The red shaded areas show where there is Virgin Media installed at that station, the grey areas are those stations that are underground and have no Wi-Fi or cellular reception, and the white areas show which stations are out in the open and you can use your normal mobile phone connectivity.

Heathrow Terminal 5 is a special cases station (Coloured blue), as it’s the only Underground station that does have full cellular network coverage – even deep underground!

WiFi on the Underground

Wi-Fi on the Underground

16 Oct 13

New Signs at King’s Cross St. Pancras

Ooh, these are new! Where did these come from?

British Library Signs

British Library Sign

Changing at King’s Cross today we saw new big vibrant yellow and white on black signs instructing people which way to exit King’s Cross to get to the British Library.

Has there been a glut of people, aimlessly wandering around King’s Cross trying to find the right exit for the library then? Why the library in particular over any other of the numerous buildings in the area, and why King’s Cross? Why not Waterloo or Euston for a place near there? We can’t help but wonder if this is a trial of signage, and we’ll see more of these over the network in the next few months …

03 Oct 13

All tube stations … in song!

Station Master Geoff was busy last month, shooting and helping to produce with Jay Foreman a comedy song about the Tube … in which every station is mentioned!

01 Oct 13