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Up to date

We gave Victoria’s 3D map a polish over the weekend, bringing all 270 3D-Tube station  maps up to the more modern sleek look, which means Version 1.9 of the App is now a go! And will be submitted this week …

New Victoria 3D

New Victoria 3D

30 Jun 14

Farewell, C Stock

The final C-stock ran today with a farewell tour – here it is, approaching Barking nicely juxtaposed against the S7 unit that has replaced it.

S and C

S and C

Diamond Geezer has an excellent write-up here, and Kateeh has an excellent Flickr gallery here.

29 Jun 14

A and C and S

A & C to S

A & C to S

A gratuitous plug for a DVD that you might like, created by Station Master Geoff who hopped on board with two drivers – one on the Met and on the the H&C/Circle Lines as they went through the transition phase of the new S-Stock trains coming in on their respective lines.

The DVD is two half an hour documentaries (one hour in total) from the cabs of trains, following the drivers around on their working day, with both the old and new types of trains. the ‘C-Stock’ video section too features a lot of disused/abandoned station stuff in the the middle of London too!

It’s available to order online now from the the LTM Website here, or grab a copy in person from the shop in Covent Garden as from next week!


27 Jun 14

One more update

We’ve almost finished refreshing all of our 3D maps, today’s completion – Oxford Circus! Which looks a lot better than the old one. That just leaves us with Victoria to update, and we’ll put out Version 1.9 of Station Master with all 270 3D tube maps in the updated design style, which we really like.

3D Oxford Circus

3D Oxford Circus

26 Jun 14

Walk The Tube 2014

I think we’re going to make this an annual charity event!  Who wants to do it in 2015?

25 Jun 14

Final new map designs

We’ve got all 270 tube stations covered now with 3D maps, but we’re aware that some of them are of an earlier design and don’t look as polished as they could be. So, we’re working away hard to bring the last few old map designs up to scratch.  We will release Version 1.9 of Station Master in the next week or two, with all the up-to-date versions in it.  This will mean that places like Oxford Circus, Victoria and Earl’s Court (below), which were badly in need of updating, get the polished touch.

Then we can finally move onto the remaining Overground stations – where we’ve got 27 stations there left to do, and the DLR – where 31 stations there remain unmapped.

Still, that means out of the combined total of 398 Tube+Overground+DLR stations on the London Tube map, we’ve currently drawn 85% of them, which is not bad going!

New 3D Earl's Court

New 3D Earl’s Court


23 Jun 14

Exit the Tube & Oyster Errors

ExittheTubeRoundedLogo152x152And we have TWO new Apps to tell you about, here’s the first one …

Ever wanted to have the handy exit information that Station Master provides, but… just wanted that?  It’s something that people have asked for and so today we’ve got a brand new App that gives it to you.

With the fancy new carriage graphics that came out with the latest version of Station Master, today you can download ‘Exit the Tube’ which is JUST the exact carriage and door exit information for every Underground, Overground and DLR station in London.

Exit the Tube is available on the App Store now.

(And it runs on iOS 5.1 and iOS 6 for all you iOS 7 refuseniks out there!)

OysterErrorsRoundedLogo152x152And here’s the second brand new App which we’ve got for you this morning – a simple lookup for errors that you can get on an Oyster Barrier Gate when you touch in or out – When this happens, an error number flashes up on the gate, and if you make a note of that number, you can look it up using our App to see what it means.

e.g. the most common error number is ‘36‘ – which means you don’t have enough credit on your Pay-As-You-Go balance, but there any many others too! And we’ve got them all listed here in the App for you.

Oyster Errors is available here on the App Store now.

(For iOS 7 only.)

20 Jun 14

New Exit Graphics

Exit Graphic

Exit Graphic for Green Park

So, another new feature for Version 1.8 is something that we always intended to have in the original release, but have only just got around to implementing!

The ‘exit’ tab screen – which shows you the exact door and carriage to be in, is now drawn graphically, rather than just being a text field – and it’s smart enough to know too by what line you’re on, to draw the 6, 7, or 8 carriages correctly (Or even 2 and 4 for the Overground) and then point out the exact door with a red arrow which exit is best.

We think it’s fabulous, looks great, and we’re very happy to have it in the App at last!

If you like the new feature (or not!) you can always send us feedback to – or if you like the App, leave us a review on the App Store too!

19 Jun 14

Your nearest station is …

Locate your nearest station!

Locate your nearest station!

So with Station Master 1.8 now out, we’ve got a couple of new features to tell you about.

The first is dead simple, and something we’ve been meaning to do for ages yet we’ve only just got around to it.

From the list of lines on the main screen, ‘pull down’ and your nearest station is shown for you at the top of the screen – a shortcut to go immediately to the details about the station that is nearest to you! e.g. This is a quick way to look up the details of the station that you might be at right now.

Note … This requires Station Master to use your location, and you will be prompted to allow this.  If you say ‘no’ to location services for Station Master (or even perhaps have location services turned off completely!) then this feature won’t work.

You might also be able to have some fun for those using the App that are way outside London to see what it says about your nearest station!


18 Jun 14

Pop up at Embankment

We noticed this when passing through Embankment the other day – all the shops in the ticket hall area have now been closed – permanently – and the southern entrance/exit is having tiling work done.

We spoke to a member of station staff who said that the shops were going to be replaced with a ‘Pop up shop’ instead, followed quickly by ‘Or maybe a Marks & Spencer’s’, which seem like two different things to us.   We’ll keep an eye on it, to see what they put there … but that means we’ll have to update our App (and Map!) for facilities at this station!

Closed shops

Closed shops

17 Jun 14