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Tram Master App Released!


Tram Master

After several months of visiting all the Tram stops in and around Croydon, and drawing 3D maps of them all … our new app, Tram Master is out!

We’ve drawn 3D maps of all the tram stops on the network, so you can see at a glance the layout of the station, which end of the tram stop the exit is, along with where the steps, ramps and lifts are, showing you how accessible all 39 tram stops are.

Download Tram Master on the App Store today! We’ve discounted it by 25% for a limited time only after the launch!

TramLink Map

26 Apr 16

Lit up signs

Have you seen these anywhere? They’re slowly making an appearance all over the network – static ‘Stand on the right‘ signs on escalators are now being replaced with lit up versions which can say different things such as ‘Step off the escalator‘ as here when you’re reaching the end.

We’re not sure if they’re going to appear at all Tube stations (this photo was taken at Piccadilly Circus), or just selected ones in the busy central areas, but yet again, it’s just adding to the information pollution that we are now hit with when entering the Underground…!

Lit up sign

Lit up sign

15 Apr 16

Met Closures

We spotted this on the Pinner Twitter account that talks about all things Pinner! No Metropolitan line trains to run beyond Wembley Park to Aldgate after 10pm on Mondays to Wednesday only (that’s very specific!) whilst track work takes place. And this goes on for a year and a half…

Met closures

04 Apr 16