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Disused Tube

Ever wanted to know about the 'ghost' stations of the London Underground?

There are over fifty stations that used to be part of the system that are now abandoned and Disused Tube lists them all in this separate App brought to you by the Station Master team.

There are also Tube stations that were never finished, and old railways which used to be part of the network, served by Underground trains which are also all listed in the App.


Discover an abandoned station

Select a station from a list of over fifty stations - sorted either by category, alphabetically, or by what line they used to serve.

Each station then has a history - with the dates that it opened and closed - along with any additional information about that station, a map of where its location along with instructions of how to get there today - and what remains for you to see when you get there!






Disused Map and Walking Tour Maps

Included in the App is a map of all the disused stations in London, broken down into five categories:

  • Abandoned Stations
  • Abandoned Platforms
  • Demolished Stations
  • Replaced Stations
  • Disused Station Buildings

To help you discover some of these stations, there are also two maps we've drawn which are 'Walking tour maps' that let you walk across London on a set route, discovering where the old stations are along the way.

Audio Commentary

Each station also had an additional narrated audio track, giving you extra information about that abandoned station, or things to look out for whilst you are there. Just hit the 'Play' button on each one to hear it!

With huge thanks to ... '

The Disused Tube map built into the App has been designed for us by Mark Noad, creator of the alternative London Tube Map. You can see all his designs on his website here.

Buy 'Disused Tube'

Get Disused Tube on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch from the App store here.