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Oxford Circus is very busy

Especially at peak hours, as the sign warns you!

This photo was taken at 6pm though, right in the middle of busy period …



27 Jan 16

When TfL Take over all suburban London

Maybe the Tube map will look something like this? (From James O’Malley on twitter)

A very orange map

A very orange map

Actually, for a more comprehensive article on the proposed new changes, London Reconnections has the scoop.


23 Jan 16

New Whitechapel 3D

Here ya go then, here’s the new 3D map for Whitechapel – where there’s a new entrance/exit at the western end of the station, and then from the back of the westbound platform there’s a new corridor and steps down to the southbound Overground platforms – which look like they’re going to be a permanent addition and not a temporary one!

The new 3D map will be released in the next update to Station Master.

Whitechapel 3D

Whitechapel 3D

21 Jan 16

New Whitechapel

Farewell old Whitechapel, HELLO to the new! The new temporary entrance opened yesterday, with it being at the western end of the sub-surface platforms.  Getting to and from the the Overground platforms now take a little bit longer!  We’re in the process of drawing up a new 3D map, and will have it in the next update of the App.

New Whitechapel Ticket Hall

New Whitechapel Ticket Hall

19 Jan 16

Stand on the Left

The Guardian yesterday posted a fabulously in-depth article on the experiment that took place at Holborn station about getting people to stand on the left as well as the right on one of the escalators there. When people walk up, 81 people can get up an escalator in a minute But when everyone stands on both sides then 112 people can make it! Read the full article.

Holborn Escalator Congestion

Holborn Escalator Congestion

17 Jan 16

Whitechapel Closure

So from Monday 18th January ‘Until late 2018(says the blurb) the ticket hall at Whitechapel is moving whilst preparation work for Crossrail take in place – including building a new step-free access, larger, ticket hall.

But, it actually closed Friday night and has been closed all this weekend, and it means that that’s the last chance you’ve had to see the up-and-down stairs and corridors that Whitechapel has, and when it opens again in over two year time it’s going to look a lot different to this…

Whitechapel Corridors

Whitechapel Corridors

In the meantime, the new entrance is further west, turn up Court Street, and it’s on Durward Street. Interestingly, we think this makes the walking time connection between Whitechapel and Bethnal Green on the Central line shorter than between Shoreditch High Street and Liverpool Street.  We’ve quite often changed trains between the Overground and Central line using this latter method, but now it looks like changing at Whitechapel will be quicker…

16 Jan 16

New Station Master Version Out!

iOS 7 icon

iOS Icon

Station Master version 1.10.9 has been released in the last couple of days, with the following updates:

  • Tottenham Court Road is open again on the Central Line (New 3D map and exit data)
  • Area Map View improvements
  • Updates and corrections to the database
  • Stability and performance improvements
  • Other refreshed 3D maps – to give 349 in total including all 270 tube stations

Exit the Tube (our ‘exits only’ companion App) also was updated to contain the same exit data as Station Master.

15 Jan 16

Wet Embankment

It’s quite common to see the occasional leak at Tube stations, but when it’s at one where the land has been reclaimed back from the river, and it’s still right by the Thames, I always worry a litter harder.  The westbound platform at Embankment sub-surface has been like this for over a week now…



14 Jan 16

Still no lift at Vauxhall

The new January 2016 Tube Map brought with it a few changes, but one of the more subtle ones was that Vauxhall now got a connector blob – sorry! I mean a ‘blue wheelchair blob’ (making it impossible to distinguish whether stations marked as such are interchange stations or not).

Vauxhall Blue Blob

Vauxhall Blue Blob

This should have meant that the accessibility count for step-free stations should have gone up to 70, except for the small matter … that the lift is not operational yet.  Down at platform level the corridor between the two platforms at the southern end is where they’re building it, and up in the ticket hall area, all there is is a big blue door (below) where it’s not finished.  We’re just wondering how long it will be in terms of time between the Tube Map saying it’s accessible, and it actually being a reality…

Lift not finished at Vauxhall

Lift not finished at Vauxhall

13 Jan 16

Express Central Line Trains

Have you seen the new express trains on the Central line? They start at the new Tottenham Court Road, and then head all the way to the end of the line without stopping at any intermediate stations…


At least that’s what the new Dot Matrix Indicator boards suggest.  If you’re a regular traveller on any National Rail service you’ll know that when ‘Calling at…’ appears beneath the destination, a scrolling list of stations then appears telling you the intermediate stopping points.

Not so with the new DMIs at Tottenham Court Road.  A train going to Epping beneath it says “Calling at : Epping’ and nothing else, thus replicating the destination that’s already shown on the line above, and doesn’t scroll with any other station names, thus possibly suggesting that the only station the next train is calling at just the station at the end of the line…

The destination of this train is ...

The destination of this train is …

11 Jan 16