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Tottenham Court Road now full step free!

Finally, the lifts are open at Tottenham Court Road, and you can access both the Central and Northern line platforms step free, using the five new lifts that have been installed at the station (there is a sixth one, which is for staff/emergency use only)

The Northern line is labelled at being down at level -5, whilst the Central Line at level -4.

To get to the Central line from the ticket hall involves using two lifts, and a corridor walk, to get to the Northern, you can get one lift all the way down (which stops to interchange with the Central line if you wish).

We’re updating the 3D map for TCR today, and we’ll preview it here tomorrow and have it in the next update of the App for you …


15 Feb 17

New Entrance At Victoria

Part of the Victoria Station Upgrade has been completed with the brand new entrance at Cardinal Place now being open. It was due to open in December 2016, but opened a month later in January, bringing a new way in and out straight to the Victoria Line – which then lets you connect as before to the District and Circles.

The lifts aren’t finished .. yet, but there’s 3 of them – all new, and when they’re open it’ll bring step free access to another Zone 1 station.

We have of course updated the 3D map for Station Master, and here’s how it will appear ni the next update…

19 Jan 17

Tram Master Complete!

We polished off the last of our 3D maps of the Tram system yesterday (Wimbledon, below) which means we’re now ready to submit them all as part of the Tram Master App to the App Store! Tram Master shows the layout in 3D map style (as per Station Master) of all 39 stops on the Croydon tram network.

Wimbledon Tram Stop

Wimbledon Tram Stop

15 Mar 16

New Whitechapel 3D

Here ya go then, here’s the new 3D map for Whitechapel – where there’s a new entrance/exit at the western end of the station, and then from the back of the westbound platform there’s a new corridor and steps down to the southbound Overground platforms – which look like they’re going to be a permanent addition and not a temporary one!

The new 3D map will be released in the next update to Station Master.

Whitechapel 3D

Whitechapel 3D

21 Jan 16

New entrance at Tottenham Court Road

As previewed in this video here, one of the new entrances at Tottenham Court Road station (complete with fancy artwork and stunning glass canopy) is now open as of this morning.

We’ve already updated our 3D map to reflect this change.  The rumours have it that Central line trains will also start stopping again officially as of Monday 7th December (but possible on the Sunday over the weekend too!)

Central Line 3D

Tottenham Court Road 3D

02 Dec 15

Original Overground Complete

When we set out to draw 3D maps of all Tube stations we soon realised that we’d have to do all the Overground and DLR too – and that meant a lot more work!  So long in fact, that during that time MORE stations got added to the Overground, all the services out of Liverpool Street, but we haven’t added those onto Station Master (yet?) so there’s currently no plans to draw 3D maps for them.

But we have (finally!) finished ALL THE OTHER Overground stations when we took a trip to Watford this week, so that we could sketch out Watford Junction and turn it into a 3D map, it’ll be in the next update of the App – of course.

Watford Junction 3D Map

20 Nov 15

New Tram platform at Wimbledon

After three months of work, during which Trams had been terminating at Dundonald Road and not going Wimbledon, the station reopened yesterday on Monday (OK, actually it was open late on Sunday) for trams to stop there again, and there’s a brand new platform.

Platforms 10a and 10b

The work that has been done is a ‘runaround’ the same as how Overground trains stop at Clapham Junction in that the second platform is now behind the first one at Wimbledon station, and they’re now called platforms 10a and 10b.

Double track

Double track

This means that come the new year, there will be an extra four trams per hour running to the Wimbledon branch – twelve instead of the current eight which is a nice bonus to the capacity on this part of the line.

It goes quite a way ...

It goes quite a way …

We’ve updated out Station Master 3D map of Wimbledon to reflect this, and we just might be working on something that’s Tram specific too! Watch this space …

03 Nov 15

Inclinator at Greenford

And following on from yesterday, we’ve a nice swish updated map for Greenford too … which has now lost its wooden escalator (the last on the system) and has had an inclinator installed instead.  So our new 3D map reflects this.

New 3D map for Greenford

New 3D map for Greenford

19 Oct 15

New Moorgate Map

We’ve got a new update of Station Master coming next month, with lots of updated data, and maps – some of which have just been polished to look better, others where things are new and have significantly changed on the network,

It includes the sub-surface platforms at Moorgate, which (due to Crossrail works) have changed quite significantly with a new access corridor and steps down to the platforms completely changing what was there before.

Obviously we’ve been along to map it out and draw the 3D map as to how it now looks!

New Moorgate Map

New Moorgate Map

17 Oct 15

Last of the Overground maps

We’ve been slowly chipping away, adding 3D maps to the App … the last few that need mopping up are the original Overground stations, and we’ve finally got around to doing the complicated mass of stairs and lifts that is Crystal Palace! It’s one of our favourite, most beautiful stations – but it is a little complicated with multiple platforms.

The finished 3D map will be in the next update to Station Master.

Crystal Palace 3D Map

Crystal Palace 3D Map

17 Sep 15