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Night Tube is Go!

The BBC and Londonist today reporting that Boris Johnson has said that Night Tube will start in July, althought the official line from TfL is that no date has been set yet – but we expect to see it up and running this summer.

When it does, it’ll run on five lines, and here’s a quick frequency map that we knocked up showing how many trains will be running on each section between 1 and 5am on Saturday and Sunday morning.

Nightube frequencies

Night Tube frequencies

17 Mar 16

Night Owls

We all know that the Night Tube didn’t start on September 12th, but it seems that no one told the department that is responsible for putting up signs on the network, as some ‘Night Owl’ signage has started to appear – here, at Oxford Circus.

Aside from the fact that it’s advertising a service which isn’t running yet – you do have to question the logic. ┬áThis would seem to suggest that Night Tube services need new signage, as if changing trains at night somehow becomes different to trains running during the day – but as far as we’re aware, getting a Central line train at Oxford Circus at 3am, will be the same as getting one at 3pm, so we’re not quite sure why the signage is needed at all … !?

NIght Owls

Night Owls



03 Oct 15

New Night Tube Map

A new Night Tube map has been released by TfL this morning … but it took a while for the correct version to come to the surface. When the Night Tube was announced last year, there was a map that came with it – a simple variation on the regular map with a white background showing the five lines that will be┬árunning.

A press release and story this morning announcing a ‘new’ Night Tube map, was using the same old map that had already been put out in September of last year. The Evening Standard ran with the existing version (calling it a ‘First Look’), until about an hour later, when it transformed into what IS actually a new Night Tube Map! Which looks like this …

Click Image for Larger Version

Night Tube Map

Night Tube Map

22 Jun 15

Night tube start date

A TfL press release today has confirmed the plans to start the new ‘Night Tube’ service next year on the 12th September.

TfL are being upbeat and optimistic about it, the RMT union has come back highlighting issues and problems which are yet to be resolved. The BBC reports on the story here.

Night tube

Night tube


24 Sep 14