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Live Times at National Rail stations

A bit cheeky/sneaky of us to put this one in here – as it doesn’t pertain to the Underground but to National Rail services instead, but it’s the first time we’ve seen it and is kinda cool, so we couldn’t not mention it.

It now appears that for all National Rail stations you can text the full name of the station to 84950 and within a few seconds it will text you back with the next departures from that station.

For stations with more than one word in their name, just type it in without the spaces as one long word. Try it!

Live times

Live times

27 Aug 14

Working Timetables … Online at last

The WTT (Working Timetable) is the stuff of legends in LU/TfL circles. ¬†They show the exact time and number of each train movement, and for many years TfL didn’t like to admit that they existed.

Then there was a phase where you could order a copy by request under the Freedom of Information Act, but they made you go and pick up paper copies (unbound) from them at 55 Broadway in person.

Then they denied that electronic copies in PDF format existed, even though we’d seen them. Even within TfL, not all employees could see them – on their internal system you had to have be granted specific permissions to gain access to the share/folder where they were.

Eventually via the What Do They Know website, people were able to request to receive them, and it’s maybe because they were inundated with requests that they’ve finally relented …

We have no idea why they tried to keep them so secret for so long, but all we do know now is that with the coming of the new TfL website – they are finally publishing working timetables online, for download in PDF format – finally! At this page here.

Working Timetables Download Page

Working Timetables Download Page

19 Mar 14