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Meet … Mapway!

Our exciting festive news which we’ve been working on for a while and can now be revealed is that we’ve teamed up with the nice people at Mapway. Formerly known as mxData, you might already have one of their Apps on your phone – The Tube Map App.

We’ve teamed up with them to provide some of the data (such as exits, and 3D Maps) that’s within Station Master so that the Tube Map app can have access to it as well!

And for people that have been asking us for ages “When will your App be on Android”, the great news there is that the Tube Map App (including the Station Master data from early 2016) is on the Android platform!

There’s more over on the Mapway pages with their press release, including “One of the features we’re especially looking forward to sharing with you, is the addition of accessibility information for London Underground stations. And this won’t be your usual step-free info, that’s for sure. Thanks to Station Master we’ll have all sorts of details about accessibility for wheelchair users, people with prams and even travellers with luggage! So you have a clearer view of how easy a Tube platform is to reach, depending on the situation”

We’re also working with them on other projects in 2016, which we’ll reveal at some point, but until then have a look at the Tube Map App if you don’t already have it, and Merry Christmas from the Station Master!