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The Underground train now arriving in the north of England

As the D-Stock trains disappear from the District Line and get replaced with the S7 units, they’re not going to the railway rusting ground to die, or be cut up – no, they’re being refurbished and turned into the ‘D Trains’ on VivaRail instead.

D-Stock now Vivarail

D-Stock now Vivarail

The full story is on their blog here, although when you read that:

“This is a train that has been stripped back to the bones: the bogies have been overhauled; new engine modules, a fuel tank and electronic power controller have been fitted; all the wiring removed; and an entirely new cab fitted. Seats, floors and doors still need plenty of work – but perhaps we can be forgiven for concentrating on the other bits first! Certainly our guests seem to have appreciated what has been achieved and we are extremely grateful for their open minds and perceptive questions”

Then you almost start to question with that much work being done, why didn’t they just build a new train from scratch?

Anyway – District Line trains, now in the north of England.