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Last Wimbleware ‘C’ Stock

C Stock Poster

C Stock Poster

It’s your last chance ever to catch a ‘C’ stock train in public service as the last one runs today with its scheduled last run being the 1.09pm from Wimbledon to Edgware Road where it will be taken out of service.

Tickets though, have now gone on sale at the LTM website for the C-Stock tour, later in the month.

Update: In the end, the last C Stock train departed Wimbledon at 09.05, and was then unceremoniously taken out of service at Edgware Road, due to it meeting its ‘mileage restriction limit’.

A power failure over the weekend it seems put some C-Stock trains out of place which led to this mis-calcuation, and so it was taken out of service earlier than planned so that the same unit can run as the final tour-train at the end of the month.

TfL’s press release is here.