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Crossrail Map

10th January 2017

We had a nice man by the name of Simon get in touch with us from Germany, who has designed his own Crossrail map.  He’s taken the individual service pattern that is going to be running, and create his own map with each service shown by its own line. This is quite common he says in Germany for u-Bahn maps to be like this, and individually numbered, unlike on the TfL map where separate services aren’t shown like this.  Thanks Simon.

Click on the map below for the large full size version!

Crossrail Service Map

New Hidden London Tours – Highgate

16th November 2016

The LTM published their webpage today announcing the new location – Highgate – as the new addition to the Hidden London programme. You’ll be able to visit this Tube station that never was in Summer 2017.

The tickets go on general sale on Wednesday 23rd November, but newsletter subscribers and Friends of the Museum, will be able to purchase them earlier …



New Walthamstow Gateline

14th November 2016

The gatelines at Walthamstow tube has moved! It used to be at the top of the escalator, but ever since the National Rail station became part of the Overground, it obviously made sense to make the station all ‘as one’ to allow you to just tap in once for interchanging, so there is now a new gateline for the tube on the corridor to the bus station, and new barrier gates either side of the Overground platforms … meaning that there are just now these marks on the floor where the old gatelines for the Tube entrance used to be!

Old Walthamstow Gateline

More Secrets of the Underground

4th November 2016

New video in the series from Londonist, of Secrets of the Underground … Geoff takes us round some spots on the tube again that you might not have known about.

New Vauxhall Lift At Last

19th September 2016

Its only a year late… actually, it might be about 15 months late we think, but finally .. finally the new lift at Vauxhall station is open meaning it now has full step-free access.  It’s located at platform level in the crossover corridor towards the southern end of the platforms, and we’ve already updated the data in Station Master to be in the next release of the App.  They’ve also re-opened what was Exit No.6, and logically called in No.4 which is a ramp, for step free access from the street (although there is now a working lift again from the bus station too!)

Vauxhall Lift


West Ham Where?

15th September 2016

We’re pretty sure that since their move to the old Olympic stadium over the summer, the nearest station for West Ham Football Club home matches is now Stratford, which leaves us wondering how long is it going to be until the signage at Upton Park station for football supporters is removed …

West Ham Not Actually Here

Track Removed at Putney Bridge

15th August 2016

We’ve known about this for a while but have only just got down there this week to look at this – the terminating platform at Putney Bridge has been removed, with that track now being the ‘through’ line, and the curved outside track where trains used to call has now been disconnected and presumably soon will be removed altogether.

Here’s the ‘island’ platform at the northern end looking towards Earls Court, through trains now come through on the track of the left of the island, and (for reasons unknown) a green fence has been put along the right hand side where the through platform used to be but is now no longer in use.

Putney Bridge New Platform

We were told that this might actually speed up journey times heading south from Earls Court to Wimbledon by a minute, as the track is now straight and so they can now approach faster and not have to slow down for the curve.  However, when we were there it looks as if the old speed restriction was in place and drivers are having to adhere to it as they are still coming into the platform slowly, and so a new higher speed limit has yet to be implemented. This should make your journey a teeny bit quicker though, yes!

More platform

So platform 3 (above) is now no longer in use. Platform 2 (what used to be the terminating platform) is now the through southbound, and with it goes a charming old Platform 3 sign which appears to have been removed, even though it would have done no harm to leave a lovely old pieces of heritage there in place. Shame.

3D Map to be updated in Station Master App in the next update, as the southbound door exit position is also slightly different now!


Tower Hill Gets Lifts

7th August 2016

Another dreaded ‘blue blob’ will appear on the tube map after today making it harder to read, but bringing with it the excellent news that another Zone 1 station now has step free-access with the addition of two news lifts at Tower Hill tube station, meaning that you can now access both platforms without using steps.

Read the full TfL Press Release here

Tower Hill Lift 1

Tower Hill Lift 2

New York Subway at Waterloo

21st July 2016

Who Ya Gonna Call? The sign writers who do the work for the New York subway, that’s who … as part of the promotion for the new Ghostbusters movie that’s on at the moment, the concourse at Waterloo station has been given over to many promotional materials, one of which is a New York Subway ticket booth, complete with a sign giving the actual information for the tube at Waterloo, but just down in New York Subway style, and it’s wonderful…

New York Waterloo

Epping footbridge closed

9th July 2016

For three months over summer, the footbridge at Epping station is closed whilst it’s being repaired.  This means a change of what you’d normally have to do at Epping station to get to and from trains.

Platform 2 is the one on the west side of the station, and there’s a footbridge over to Platform 1.  With that closed, they’ve now opened up the side entrance all the time to allow people to enter or exit that way, and use the second footbridge (handy that it’s there!) that is not part of the station.

Epping Footbridge

This could mean you arrive at Epping, enter the station, and then have to leave again and walk round when you find the next train is from platform 1, and not 2.   And if you’re arriving on Platform 1, you have to exit the station by the side entrance, and then walk over the public footbridge – not the one inside the station – to exit.  Things should be back to normal by September,