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Departing East Putney

2nd May 2016

Admittedly, we haven’t got out at East Putney for a while – after all, we pass through a lot of stations around the network, but it’s only when we get out of them that we always take the time to check and look if anything has changed to that station so we can update Station Master’s information. We like to think that it’s an-always-evolving up that keeps up to date with things as they subtlety change.

One such subtle change that we did notice then was this sticker – an arrow pointing to the left – covering up the fact that you could possibly get an eastbound train departing from Platform 2 as well, that started here in the terminating platform.

We don’t know when it changed, but it seems that these days are going and all trains are now through trains that have started at Wimbledon, and no longer can you get a train that now starts here.

Platform 2

Platform 2

Tram Master App Released!

26th April 2016

Tram Master

After several months of visiting all the Tram stops in and around Croydon, and drawing 3D maps of them all … our new app, Tram Master is out!

We’ve drawn 3D maps of all the tram stops on the network, so you can see at a glance the layout of the station, which end of the tram stop the exit is, along with where the steps, ramps and lifts are, showing you how accessible all 39 tram stops are.

Download Tram Master on the App Store today! We’ve discounted it by 25% for a limited time only after the launch!

TramLink Map

Lit up signs

15th April 2016

Have you seen these anywhere? They’re slowly making an appearance all over the network – static ‘Stand on the right‘ signs on escalators are now being replaced with lit up versions which can say different things such as ‘Step off the escalator‘ as here when you’re reaching the end.

We’re not sure if they’re going to appear at all Tube stations (this photo was taken at Piccadilly Circus), or just selected ones in the busy central areas, but yet again, it’s just adding to the information pollution that we are now hit with when entering the Underground…!

Lit up sign

Lit up sign

Met Closures

4th April 2016

We spotted this on the Pinner Twitter account that talks about all things Pinner! No Metropolitan line trains to run beyond Wembley Park to Aldgate after 10pm on Mondays to Wednesday only (that’s very specific!) whilst track work takes place. And this goes on for a year and a half…

Met closures

Night Tube is Go!

17th March 2016

The BBC and Londonist today reporting that Boris Johnson has said that Night Tube will start in July, althought the official line from TfL is that no date has been set yet – but we expect to see it up and running this summer.

When it does, it’ll run on five lines, and here’s a quick frequency map that we knocked up showing how many trains will be running on each section between 1 and 5am on Saturday and Sunday morning.

Nightube frequencies

Night Tube frequencies

Tram Master Complete!

15th March 2016

We polished off the last of our 3D maps of the Tram system yesterday (Wimbledon, below) which means we’re now ready to submit them all as part of the Tram Master App to the App Store! Tram Master shows the layout in 3D map style (as per Station Master) of all 39 stops on the Croydon tram network.

Wimbledon Tram Stop

Wimbledon Tram Stop

Crossrail Explained

10th March 2016

New video by Station Master Geoff, which explains everything you need to know about Crossrail in 2 minutes. There’s also an interactive poll embedded within the video where you can say whether you like the name ‘Elizabeth Line’, or not …

Secrets of the Trams

4th March 2016

Station Master Geoff’s been out and recorded another video in the ‘Secrets of..’ series! This time, he’s gone to Croydon to look at the tram network.

Interactive Travel Time Map

1st March 2016

Peter Trotman has built an intriguing interactive Tube map which moves around as you click on it giving you travel time as you go! Click in the image below to try it out.

Interactive Map

Interactive Map

Crossrail is not a Tube line

26th February 2016
Crossrail not Elizabeth

Crossrail not Elizabeth

Worryingly, it’s already started. By trying to name Crossrail ‘The Elizabeth Line’ it sets a precedence that it can now be referred to as ‘an Underground Line’, because the Tube is referred to as the Victoria Line, and the Northern Line, and the Bakerloo Line, as so on…

But Crossrail is not a ‘tube’ railway. I repeat – Crossrail is not a tube railway.  The trains are larger, the tunnels are bigger, the trains go waaaay beyond central London running on National Rail tracks.  It is a National Rail service that then also goes underground – but that does not make it the Tube – no, it is its own new category of railway which we shall call ‘Crossrail’.

Two people have fallen foul already, we’ll add more here as we spot them:

  • The (now online only) Independent have written an extremely lazy article where they call it ‘a new Tube line’ (is isn’t) and to add insult, they tag on the world’s easiest ‘quiz’ where you have to match the colours to the Tube lines. And they include Crossrail in that – which still isn’t a tube line.

Besides which, we’re still trying to work out how travelling on the Underground just three times in your entire life means that you have “A long association with UK transport”. We’re fairly sure that there are thousands of people that have worked on Crossrail, and railways, and even thousands more that have travelled on trains everyday of their working life, that therefore have a stronger case for having a long association with transport.