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Station Master

Created by two-times Guinness World Record Holder for travelling to all Tube stations in the fastest time possible, and winner of the 2013 TfL Accessible App competition.

Screenshot 1Station Master is the definitive travel reference App for London, with facts and figures collected from every station on the Underground, Overground and Docklands Light Railway networks.

It's available now on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch - and has the the most up-to-date accurate information over any other App available.

To collect the extensive data for this App, we visited all the stations on the TfL transport network in London and counted every step on every staircase. We catalogued all the facilities, travelled on all the escalators and in the lifts, explored every publicly accessible part of every station and collected all the knowledge that was humanly possible. And then wrapped it all up into a nice App for you – which is why we think it’s worth every penny that it costs to buy.

No cellular data or Wi-Fi connectivity is needed to make the App work - meaning you can look things up whilst travelling on a train underground. Please note it is also not a route planning App!

Summary of Features

Best Exit - Look up the carriage and door position nearest to the exit at every station.

3D Maps / Exit Maps - See the true layout of a station, especially those underground with complicated corridor layout, and see what the best exit is to come to street level when there is more than one.

Accessibility information - See how accessible a station really is as it tells you about every staircase, step, ramp, lift and escalator that you might have to navigate.

Station Facilities - A complete list of facilities including toilets, shops, ticketing and Wi-Fi availability.

Description - Historical information, fun facts and things to see that you might have otherwise missed.

Transport Links - Tells you what transport links are available, including buses, bikes and boats.


Londonist"Save time on the Tube with the shortcuts app Station Master"
- Evening Standard

"Perfect for anyone taking on the Tube"
- Capital Live (Evening Standard)


Londonist"It's a real geek’s guide to the Tube. You will, in effect, become The Station Master - A hero with the power to preternaturally bypass queues of tourists in a single bound."

"And it has a unique feature - 3D maps of the stations, fascinating in their own right, but also a helpful means to finding underground shortcuts, or a cunning lift or stairwell that can get you to the concourse quicker than the escalators. The maps are particularly helpful for those with special accessibility needs".

Now Here This"Our eyes have been straying toward a hot new piece of technological crumpet – Station Master. The culmination of a year’s research, the emphasis here is about slackening your jaw with maps, statistics and facts, all of which it has in mind-blowing depth and detail. Tube nerds, prepare to swoon"
Time Out London Blog (Now. Here. This.)


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Download on the App Store for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.